2005–2009 Mustang Parts

2005–2009 Mustang Parts

In 2004 Ford introduced the completely redesigned Mustang, code named “S-197”. The new body style resembled the retro look of the late 1960’s. The term “retro-futurism” was coined by Ford’s vice president.

Between the 2005 to 2010 the Mustang base model engine was the 210 hp cast-iron block 4.0 Liter SOHC V6 and the GT used a completely aluminum block 4.6 Liter SOHC 3-V Modular V8, This V8 uses variable camshaft timing know as (VCT) and it produces 300 hp. The Tremec 3650 5-speed manual transmission was used in the base models with an optional 5R55S 5-speed automatic.

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